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Overseas environmental research project

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Fontus Environmental are undertaking an ecological research project with Cumbria University as part of their annual field trip to Picos de Europa.

Situated in north-west Spain (predominantly Cantabria), Picos de Europa are a range of predominantly Carboniferous Limestone and Sandstone mountains, with the highest peaks reaching 2600m. In combination with the long history of traditional agricultural management, a wide range of diverse habitats and species is present. The herb-rich hay meadows have long been recognised as having a high nature conservation value but, as elsewhere in European mountains, such grasslands are threatened by changing agricultural practices

This research project will carry on from previous research investigating the changing composition of the local hay meadows which have a particular botanical significance to provide a better understanding of how agricultural practices and land management has changed over the past 20 years.

Potes-Picos de Europa


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Fontus has AD Research published in journal

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ENVIRONMENTAL consultants, Fontus Environmental, based in Thirsk, has successfully published its latest piece of scientific research on anaerobic digestion.

The work features in the current edition of the international academic journal Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.<!–more–>

Ryland Cairns, director of Fontus Environmental said: “Anaerobic digestion has many important benefits such as creating green energy, diverting organic wastes away from landfill, and producing a natural low carbon fertiliser, as well as being an important tool in stimulating and diversifying rural economies such as ours.

“Despite this we need to recognise and tackle the potential issues that go along side such developments such as noise, traffic movements and of course smell.”

The research that was conducted with an award-winning malt company.

Mr Cairns said: “Conducting industrial-based scientific research is a key part in improving operations and minimising nuisance but with this in mind it is critical to share this knowledge so that other AD operators and the rural communities in which they operate can share these benefits.”

The paper entitled Start up of a UASB treating malted ingredient manufacturing wastewater is published in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, Volume 7 number 2

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